• Supporting founders and teams focused on the horizon

How we help.

We consider it an honor when companies choose to partner with us, and it is this mentality that serves as our North Star and informs everything we do as a firm.

Transparency, candor, and integrity are hallmarks of how we operate. We are active partners who provide the full range of support – strategic, operational, and financial – with a laser-focus on guiding a company to the next stage in its evolution.

How we’re different.

We work with teams from anywhere in North America, but – where possible – we leverage our location to create additional value.

Decades of walking some of the more opaque corridors in the country have resulted in unique access and connections, and we bring this network to bear for each of our companies. This ecosystem can be esoteric and nuanced, but with over sixty years of combined experience as operators, entrepreneurs, and investors, it’s safe to say we speak the language.

How we allocate capital. 

We invest in compelling early stage technology companies, but since nomenclature often varies, this warrants clarity and points of emphasis.

$2 to $4 million

We typically invest $2-$4m as part of $3-$12m financings, and we prefer to lead whenever possible.


We are exclusively B2B focused, so B2C isn’t for us. If supplementary, public sector revenue is a plus.

Real Traction

A subjective notion, but we look for evidence of satisfied customers buying products at an accelerating rate.

Lavrock’s multi-generational insights bring a fresh perspective to our work with entrepreneurs.

Managing Partner

Jim Hunt

General Partner

Steve Smoot

General Partner

Daniel Hanks


Alex Poulin


Conor Friedmann

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