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Provider of a cloud-based ecommerce platform for rentals companies

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Urban Sky_Black

A stratospheric technology and remote sensing company.

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Modern defense production.

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PROTEUS Space-blk

Proteus Space is a satellite innovator and manufacturer – designing for scale in the new space economy.

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Logo (Blue)

Maybell builds the “picks and shovels” for the quantum goldrush

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FOUNT makes work less of a drag for employees and organizations by reducing work friction and improving employee experiences.


PTEROD_Logo_FINAL_Logo-200x63mm-(white) copy

Autonomous VTOL aircraft platform offering transformational wing configurations for long range flight operations and cargo delivery.

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Fend color

Hardware-enabled equipment monitoring and analytics platform that provides security for industrial applications, embedded systems, and critical infrastructure.

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Comprehensive audio research and analytics suite used by brands and platforms to research, test, and measure the ROI of their audio assets and campaigns.

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Provider of a revenue analytics platform that allows B2B marketers to get access to insights that can scale their organizations fast

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Provider of tools to automate compliance with data protection and privacy laws

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Vintra color

Vintra delivers AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform any real-world video into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence.

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Geospatial data aggregation platform and management tool for immediately usable spatial imagery

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Pison color 2

Applied nerve sensing and AI insights platform that enables the control of any digital system and discovers new neurological correlations.

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Morpheus Color

Morpheus Space is a provider of satellite propulsion systems that are small, lightweight, efficient, and highly scalable.

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New Anametric Logo (clear)

Anametric is a post-quantum encryption company leveraging photonic physics.

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Apkudo provides a platform by which carriers, OEMs, and other constituents of the connected device ecosystem can track, manage, and optimize the health of their products.

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TF logo

Trueface provides computer vision solutions that augment existing camera data into real-time actionable information.

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Native Black

Platform to connect, in real-time, global organizations that have questions with locals able to collect data used to answer them.

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Out-of-the-box communication systems for satellites, UAVs, launch vehicles, and other space or airborne platforms.

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Allvision logo

Allvision is a geospatial analytics company providing insights and business intelligence to verticals such as infrastructure management, insurance, advertising and security

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Sayari color

Sayari collects and structures hard-to-access federal, state, and local public records data from high-risk frontier and emerging markets around the world, as well as the top global offshore financial centers.

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Enterprise First integration of mobile networks and IIoT applications onto a single platform

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A full spectrum cyber security firm that provides products and services to private as well as public sector clients.

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A social intelligence platform that utilizes proprietary machine learning techniques to discover and analyze granular, discrete communities of activity in social media and other data sets.

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Select Investments by Lavrock Partners


An online identity network that enables end users to prove their legal identity and attributes of their identity via a single login in exchange for discounts from brands and access to sensitive personal information from the federal government.

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With modules for faculty recruitment and hiring; review, promotion, and tenure; and faculty activity reporting and accreditation, Interfolio is the first administrative enterprise SaaS solution to provide a faculty-first engine for intelligent decision making in higher education.

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Avizia partners with providers to deploy and power system-wide telehealth. To do this, Avizia combines a collaborative approach with a market-leading telehealth solutions suite that scales across the continuum of care.

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Immuta is a unified data platform that streamlines data management workflows to solve for the organizational challenges facing modern data science operations.

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